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Celtic Farms &

Kennels, Inc.

Read what Michael Spotts had to say in his report about Mary's (Celtic's

Signature) performance and win in the West Branch Cover Dog Trial!! 

U.S. Complete Shoutheast Regional Championship article by Richard




By Ken Whiteside

Reg. II Red Setter Amateur Shooting Dog Championship

The judiciary of this latest renewal consisted of Chris Lockard and Pete Del Collo. Chris has been trialing horseback dogs in the area for many years, and is called on many times every season to render his well informed decisions for various clubs. Pete spent several years in the grouse woods before joining the ranks of the horseback trialers a few years ago, their loss is certainly our gain. Pete, in addition to being a very personable man, also owns and campaigns a couple of pretty good dogs on the local circuit. He, like Chris, knows what constitutes a good performance in a horseback trial dog and has been called with increasing frequency to arbitrate various stakes.

Post competition conversations with both judges revealed that CELTIC'S SUA SPONTE, running in the hottest part of the day, put on a performance that placed her head and shoulders above any other dog in the stake. This reporter was fortunate enough to have been serving in the same capacity a few years ago when Sua won the futurity and Championship in the same weekend when the National Red Setter Field Trial Club ran at Assunpink, New Jersey. On that occasion, under the direction of professional trainer Harold "Butch" Beyer, she put on a performance that had those in attendance spellbound. It was as if there was an invisible rod connecting handler and dog; Butch putting her where he wanted her, repeatedly, with a minimum effort

Since that time the classy little dog has added many such performances to her total under the direction of both trainer and owner. Her performance in this latest effort was very reminiscent of that earlier one. In the words of Judge Pete Del Collo, she ran the edges as though she were "cutting the fields" out of a piece of paper. The new venue being used for the one hour course at Dr.Boser's and neighboring farms seemed designed especially for Sua. Wherever there was an edge, she was on it. When that edge ran out she latched onto another one and just kept rolling. At one point we noticed Paul sitting stock still on a high spot in an exceptionally large field , turning his horse just enough to keep the dog in front of him, softly singing to his charge as she pulled real estate under her flying feet. In the sudden heat (many of us were trialing in near blizzard conditions not far from here a week earlier) and hilly terrain Sua finished her hour as strong as she'd started it.

CELTIC'S SEX APPEAL was named Runner-up. Running in the second brace, she put down a very nice race punctuated by several stylish finds and a couple of nice backs. The quality of her bird work was equal to that of her kennelmate Sua. It was Sua's extraordinary, ground race under adverse weather conditions that separated the two dogs.

Celtic's Sua Sponte

Celtic's Sex Appeal

7 time Champion Celtic's Sua Sponte

Dominates National Championship!!


July 16, 1988, p. 88

BY: John W. George, Judge

She was entered on the program as "Sue." No more than ten minutes into her hour, we knew we were watching something special. She began the hour in a hurry, reaching immediately to objectives. She never once failed to complete a cast and was always on the side most advantageous to use the wind. She shared a find with her bracemate at six, exhibiting high style and excellent manners. At fifteen she crossed the blacktop going south after hunting the west side of Catclaw Lake at what is normally the thirty minute mark. She was so intent on hunting the beginning line below the dam there, that I had to move my horse from her way for I felt if she couldn't get through below she would go over the top. This was typical of her attack on the course. At thirty five she had cast to the end of a long line and pointed there with extreme style. Her bracemate had apparently not seen her and was moving in the area to the front of her. A difficult flushing attempt ensued with Beyer falling in the brush and birds flying, but the unflappable little dog moved not a hair. It took some time for the handler to collar her and she was still standing proudly in the same 12:00 pose. She disappeared at thirty-nine and was found pointing deep in cover. The bird would not fly and was chased very close around her. She was again perfect. After her performance, Judge Eaton and I both agreed that we had not just seen a great Red Setter, but "a great Field Trial Bird Dog capable of winning at any level of competition."

Sue typifies the Celtic Setter: They're small, quick, spritely, have exceptional foot speed, an overwhelming desire to find and point birds, exude class, and point their birds with pride. They do everything a white dog does but do it more consistently and often better. In slightly over twenty years of competition, Celtic Red Setters have more than 1,000 FDSB wins, with the majority being all breed Shooting Dog

The Celtic Setters salute their white brethren and invite those of their owners who are adventurous enough, love competition enough, and enjoy the purest challenge available in modem sport to select from their progeny. It takes an extraordinary dog (and man) to accept the challenge of competing against white dogs on their own terms with a "minority" breed.