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Celtic Farms &

Kennels, Inc.


With regard to adolescent dogs, we always have adolescents and fully trained dogs available for sale. I try to classify them loosely as follows:

1. Started: basic obedience completed, handling well, pointing well on a check cord, ready to be finished to one of the levels listed below;

2. Well Started: these are dogs which will do all of the above and, in addition, find birds, point them and remain pointing more than 50% of the time until either the handler steps past the dog or the bird flushes on its own. These dogs are ready to hunt and will progress to the following levels with additional work;

3. Hunting Broke: These are dogs which do all of the above but remain pointing 80% of the time until either the birds flush or the handler steps past the dog. These dogs are eminently huntable and represent the level of training typically found acceptable as the final level by most hunters;

4. Finished Dog (steady to wing-and-shot): These dogs do all of the above but remain pointing until released 100% of the time. The person who wants to hunt a truly special dog is looking for one in this category.

5. The Totally Finished Dog: This dog does all of the above and also retrieves.