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Celtic Farms &

Kennels, Inc.


Good morning Paul,

Her official name is Celtic’s Sophia or Sophie for short. 

I’ve included one recent photo of Sophie which shows that she’s making herself very much at home! She loves to run and jump, and fortunately we have about a 5 acre deer fence enclosure so she can get plenty of exercise. Perhaps as you can see in the photo, she has excellent muscle tone from all her exercise.

She seems very sociable and intelligent (outsmarts us all the time), and she’s been a welcome companion during this strange time of social distancing.

Hope you’re doing well.

David and Corinne Good

Jack is doing great! What a sweet-natured, loving and curiously intelligent little guy he is! He's always ready for new adventures and enjoys going wherever we go!

His amazement and enthusiasm during his first trip to the beach was joyous to watch! Those are the pictures I'll work on next. Our daily 3+ mile hikes are exhilarating for him and take far longer due to his profoundly birdy instincts! He let's me know just where the birds are! He's finding quail and doves all around our Cape Ferrelo mountain and at the beach he got within 2 feet of a huge crow, which was surprising to all concerned! lol Due to the five large rivers which empty into the Pacific Ocean along this coast, our beaches have large crows, terns and hawks rather than the ubiquitous seagulls. Jack seems to like that quite a lot!

He's so nimble and sure-footed that he can happily explore trails on and around the massive volcanic basalt rock formations and monolithic columns at low tide. He's not the slightest bit intimidated by horseback riders up at Bandon Beach and loves trekking through woods at Humbug Mountain and along Cape Sebastian to Turtle Rock. He is a perfect traveler and relentlessly happy companion for my son and I. My brother, Mark has already begun some basic training with him looking forward to future hunting trips.

Thank you for Jack. He's an excellent and exuberant young red field setter!

Best Regards,


I wanted to get a good photo of her so you could see her form. Meanwhile, a few comments: Carina has been in the pool quite a bit, especially when our granddaughters were here.

Her intelligence amazes us. She has learned to open things by lifting a lid, and she has started our robotic vacuum and turned on the light for a display case. She is rapidly building a word-recognition vocabulary. As she listens to us talk she reacts to certain words. When we call her, sometimes we can see her thinking and responding a minute later. Our doors have lever handles, and we are expecting any time to find her opening them, which could be a problem, as you can see in the next paragraph. She passed snake avoidance training with flying colors; the trainer remarked about her intelligence. The vet who spayed her also remarked about her intelligence and sweet character.

As to her character, she tries to please, but she is very independent at times. She comes when we call her if she wants to and is not too absorbed in watching bugs or investigating weeds. She has dug roots out of a large planter and taken them to her cot to work on. She is a great tease and has RACED from one end of the house or yard to the other.

She is a real sweetheart. Our granddaughters sat on the floor with her and they hugged. They and our daughter love her. Carina likes to lick our hands, arms, legs. Is that affection? It seems she is becoming more attached to us; she seems to want to be close to both of us.

~JoAnn Stover

And here he is - Jake - I feel time has gone so

fast. In May, my baby will be 9, can't believe it, I

love him more then the day I brought him home! He

has been to us almost human...he knows and feels all

of my moods, quite a guy! Tina C

Happy first gotcha day to this oldster!

He loves biscuits, sleeping on the couch, watching the outdoor channel on TV, and dove hunting those pesky birds who don’t stay out of his tree line.

Doc has been the best addition here!

Thanks again,

Keandra & Doc

Good morning,Jake and a doe at our

house are having a staredown, they

are practicing social distancing!

~Tina C

Jake taking a nap with Brian, enjoying his

extra time with us during these crazy times,

We hope all is well with you.

Tina C

Our early 2020 hunt in Kansas. Ben is learning, and so is Gordon! Hoping for wonderful things in 2020!

~Gordon DeVries

Freja Rose McPeters

on point!!

~ Clinton

Hey Paul,

Hunting season is officially wrapped up for Pippy and I. We

took a trip up to Canada to do some grouse hunting, and hit

the PA fields hard for pheasants. All things considered, not

a terrible year. She continues to love people and bring a

smile to everyone’s face!

Hope all is well with you!


Hi Paul, thought you’d like to see some shots of Rosie. She finally got a chance to go to the preserve with my dad. He said she did great and is already planning another outing with her. She is starting to settle down and we keep working on her training. Her favorite activities are running from window to window to find squirrels and birds, playing keep away with the neighbor’s dog, sitting on my husband’s lap for a pre-bedtime cuddle, and killing squeaky tennis balls. 

~Gwen Raifsnider

Here’s a couple shots of Pacman. He’s settling in to the house well and

we just love him! We are making sure recall is solid and then we will hit

the field soon to brush off the cobwebs. ~ Tony

Quail hunt in north east Texas - day 2 - myself

and my son and Miss Liz - 90% to hand

retrieves - she has a great 👍 nose for sure -

temps 26 early and 40 midday - excellent first

“big hunt experience” !!!! ~ M D Elliott

Hello Paul, hope all Is well for you and yours. Been some miles since I last talked to you. Those two dogs I bought from you have been absolutely gorgeous! I have enjoyed everything about them. I have a client that will be contacting you soon. I probably will have to deal with this dog just to let you know. I also have left the Timberdoodle Club and purchased a large farm on the coast of Maine, which will be operational by this coming August. As I said hope all is well and below are some photos of the two I purchased from you years ago.(Celtic Dede and Celtic’s Bauchan). Thank you!!

~Jesse M. Seaton

Bluepoint Kennel

Manager / Owner

Dolce at 16 years old. She

can't hear or see much

anymore, but she smells



at 9



at 13



playing at

7 years

old . . . 

. . . and Dolce

learning that

snakes are not

play toys!

Dolce at 10 and 14 months!

Dolce loving the





The saga of



The saga of Dolce at

her new home in

Arizona begins!

Jake enjoying Christmas morning with his canine brother Drayton . . and Joey . . and now Jake is played out!


Jake enjoying a cold,rainy

Sunday ❤

Christina Crumb (12.1.19)

Celtic's Rusty Red

6 yr old finished red dog I bought from you.

One fine working bird dog!

~Todd Williams

One and half hour walk at sheep ranch today. 5 good coveys. Photos of the fifth point. The pointing dog, Yeats, the Honoring dog, Beckett. The happy handler and photographer, ET. (12 and 10 bird coveys. ) The sheep ranch is so dry you could drive a truck on. But that is not recommended.

~ Eliot P. Tucker (11/10/19)

Molly Mae is now 9 and a bit greyed in the snout..... but happy and healthy as can be.

We love her so much.

So, so happy. Molly is running around on our walks like the nut that she is.

She is so sweet and an excellent hunter on her own. She howls when she thinks I didn't give her enough to eat. She is 47 pounds!

We are trying to put her on a diet, but she doesn't like it one bit. I think she should be closer to 39-40 pounds. She does look like a little stuffed sausage.... and her head looks skinny, if looking at her from behind. We love Miss Molly so much!


Hello Paul,Just a Jake update,he is doing

great, this pose he was catching a breeze

at the window ,along with the afternoon sun.😎


The lads are doing well.

They're ranging well.

Grouse season opens next month!

~Mike Cusic


Our Seamus is a great dog. He does a good job hunting when there are birds to be found, which is rare down here in Tennessee. His intensity is incredible. He is a welcome member of our family.

Bob will be making his annual trip to Wisconsin in October. Hopefully Seamus will get a good workout.

~Barb OKray

Hi Paul,

I am writing to let you know that Celtic Tabasco a.k.a “Tabby” is still hunting strong. She is the best hunting companion we have ever owned. She points with style, flushes like a leopard, and retrieves better than the labs we occasionally hunt with in South Dakota. On top of all that, she sleeps at the foot of the bed and continues to an unbelievable addition to our family.

Kindest Regards,


Hi Paul- 

I just want to check in with an update on Rosie (born 10/2).

She’s a bundle of personality and energy. We are training but it’s challenging at time since her most favorite thing to do is play with other dogs. She has very little fear (at 3 months she was wearing my daughter’s pit bull/lab mix out) she is still learning that barking at the cats is not going to make them want to play and she is a champ at bedtime- heading straight for her crate when classical music is playing. Thanks so much for selecting her for us. 

~Gwen Raifsnider

My #redheads #redsetters


I ♥️ redheads

~Jocelyn Sampson

Bill Hiltebeitel - It’s kinda hard not to love all his dogs. Very intelligent and eager to learn. I’ve had his Irish setters now for over 21 years now. Every single one has been awesome.

Dear Paul,

Scout is wonderful.

He has explored the whole house and loves playing with us in the backyard. He particularly likes playing ball and following Rory around. He is very curious and boldly investigates everything. 

Inside he follows us everywhere. He’s very social; he loves to cuddle. 

He’s eating well so we’re increasing his feedings from 2 cups each. He also does pretty well sleeping at night in his crate. He protests a bit but that’s to be expected.

We are delighted with Scout; couldn’t be happier.

Carol and Ray Eiler  

Ben with late season Kansas Wild Pheasants 2019

~Gordon DeVries


Two of your boys looking and doing very well. There were 12 birds in the covey. 

Eliot Tucker

Hi Paul,

I got Prince from You back in May.He has flushed over 100 Pheasants over the last two weeks on State Gamelands. He's awesome!

Thx Again ,

Frank Eckley

I’ve had more fun with Bauchan. He’s just over a year old now and it’s either all glory or a lot of cursing with this one, always pushing the edge, which is exactly what I asked for. He’s been turning heads everywhere I go since the first day I picked him up, so much power and confidence I can only imagine what he’ll be like when he reaches four! He’s truly an example of excellence. If you have a Instagram account you can find me on their at BluepointSeaton.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and thank you again for providing such wonderful dogs! The dedication you and your staff have is truly noticeable. There is no doubt, y’all are the best of the best when it comes to the finest Irish Setters around. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep showing people what they’re missing out on. The common statements are “Where’d you get him and I want one”. Absolutely loving it!!

~Jesse M. Seaton

Kennel Manager, Timberdoodle Club

This is the GYP I picked up this past spring.

She represented you quite well in the North country this year especially for It being her first season. Love how many questions these dogs bring. I will be headed south and then over to New Mexico this year with them starting January, should be fun. Thanks again

~Jesse M. Seaton

Timberdoodle club

Kennel manager